Bad Mattress Reviews (Really BAD)

Jul - 11 2018 | By

Unfortunately we’ll be biting this one and probably just throwing it out. I guess you get what you pay for sometimes, and sometimes you get a bad batch. I would say buyer beware. Some people get good ones, some people get bad ones.

This mattress may be adequate for a guest room with minimal use but I would definitely not suggest it for nightly use. We figured for $300 we would give it a try, and maybe if you need a quick fix for a few months while you save up for a quality bed this would work. Otherwise, keep looking. By the way, we are average size people so weight is not a factor in the failure of this product.

And it seems like some have been lucky enough to get replacements or refunds without having to send this thing back. No such luck for us.

Check the reviewers profiles on this product. There are an insane amount of 5 star reviews with minimal descriptions, and the user profile’s either have few other reviews or they have mass amount of reviews all with 5 starts.

I checked the mattress and found it collapses on her side of mattress and and offers little support. That is causing lower back pain to whoever is sleeping on that side. I emailed zinus customer service. Will keep you updated.
No response from zinus for my email. phone call has almost an hour of wait. zero customer service.

Not saying there is something shady going on with the reviewers, but other online mattresses (Casper and Leesa specifically) have lawsuits against them for manipulating online review websites.